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Hey gang, a quick PSA from your neighborhood Warrior Dave.  #Bowling #cliques #warriors

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Radio Caca Fan Podcast

#Warriors Adam Wolf and Dan Elder love Dudley and Bob so much, they made a podcast about it.  Good times, great oldies.

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About #TrollControl

I know, I know, I know.  This last  week has been nuttier than squirrel shit.  The Dudley and Bob #Warriors are an organic group designed to be self-sustaining.  Various members have come and gone in the past, yet we remain.  And we will continue to remain because our identity does not lie with a single person.  It lies in our organic existence, where the members are individual cells comprising a larger body.  For the record, I am not going anywhere.  For fuck’s sake, I just ordered 400 more stickers.  Besides that, I love the #Warriors and I fully support the Dudley and Bob Morning Show and it’s associates.

 We met up at C-Hunt’s for Chester’s birthday, drink beer, and hang with BDOE.  We also had to talk some shop.  Getting down to brass tacks, it goes like this:  we will not allow trolls to tear down what we’ve busted our asses to build over the last two and half years.  

We have never condoned censorship nor will we ever, so long as I am personally associated with the #Warriors.  We are not taking measures to have accounts deleted, or feeds closed down or blogs to be discontinued.  This is counter productive to our efforts, and the efforts of the Dudley and Bob Morning Show to promote and encourage free speech.  However, just as these Negative Nelly’s have the right to speak out using whatever techniques and media they choose.  We, the #Warriors, have an equal right to respond in kind with our choice of media and  techniques.  

Humans are incapable of not communicating.  Everything we do, communicates something to others.  As such, the #Warriors choose to respond to trolls with… silence.  

Thank you for your continuing support of the Dudley and Bob Morning Show and the #Warriors,

Warrior Dave


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Tweet from David Lamar (@TheDavidLamar)

David Lamar (@TheDavidLamar) tweeted at 6:10 AM on Wed, Mar 27, 2013: #warriors @DudleyandBob Good Morning folks! ( Get the official Twitter app at

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Valerie is a newer member of the #Warriors.  She’s cool and fun to hang out with.  Give this interview a listen.

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Whoa!  An audio threesome?  I manage to get #Warriors Nancy and Linda 1 together on the mic.  Actually, that’s the only way they would sit and talk with me.  One is shy and the other allegedly stumbles on her words but they did just fine.  

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Motherfucking Warrior Mike is on the mic!  Don’t miss this one.

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A conversation with Warrior Linda 2.  Aka Book Babe.  She’s awesome and a hardcore Dudley and Bob Warrior

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I chit chat with a badass chick and Dudley and Bob Warrior, Crystal.  She makes puppets.

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I sit down with Warrior Mark and shoot the shit with him.

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Here is a brief update for #Warriors related events.  Give it a listen.  Leave a comment.  

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#Warriors Mike & Doug Tase Each Other (View #2)

This view is from Aaron Haley. Follow him on Twitter @ahaley

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#warriors Mike and Doug Tase Each Other (this is not a euphamism)

After Dudley and Bob’s Audience of 100, Mike Clark & Doug Newton discover that The Spy Exchange has Taser Knuckles. Thank you #Warrior Matt Dawson for the vid. Follow them on twitter: @mike2clark, @trappedwarrior & @mattkdawson

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WE DID IT!!!  Dudley and Bob have a 2 year gurantee contract with a 3rd year option.  Find out more.

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Hey #Warriors, it has been a year since we first organized.  I decided it is only proper to do a State of the #Warriors Address.  It isn’t long.  Hope you enjoy it.